Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Troubles with doorways:

Manzi is now up to 10-12 round trips from me to his cage and back again. Today I was trying to get him to fly to me through the doorway. He has flown through the doorway many times before, but usually when he is really scared and trying to get out of the main room. I still need to do quite a bit of work with this. If I bring him into the hallway and drop my hand he will fly through the door to his cage, but he won't come back when I call him from his cage. He will fly very close, but then turn around at the last minute. I need to think of a way to get this working.
It is so warm outside too so I am going to begin outdoor flights with the harness tomorrow.

Also, here is a fun video of him with his wiffle ball:


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