Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A bit greasy

Two days ago I was making cookies. Manzi, as usual, decided to sit on a nearby chair and watch. While I was rolling the dough into a ball with my hands and putting them onto the cookie sheet, Manzi was unable to hold back his desire and flew to a cookie sheet to grab a ball of dough. I was faster than him though and grabbed him before he made off with a ball of dough. The result was me holding a bird with greasy hands (from the cookie dough). I put Manzi back in his cage, but saw that my hands left grease marks across his back. Yesterday he got a good soaking in the shower, but there is still some residue oil on his feathers and chest/neck.
This second picture is funny because Manzi is a bit irritated with the camera for getting so close to him while he is chewing on his ball so he is puffing up a bit to threaten the camera (starting with the feathers on the back of his neck and back).


Kellie said...

Your bird is seriously SO interesting!!! He does the funniest things! So you take him out on walks without a "leash" or anything and he stays with you? He's so cute!

Jen said...

yes I agree "He is sooooo cute"

Stephanie Pulham said...

He looks so fluffy, I think he is very cute too!

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