Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Exercising with Manzi

I have been in a new exercise group, but had to miss it yesterday. So I asked the leader to send me the exercises to do at home. It was legs day, so it involved a lot of squats and jumps. Manzi was hanging out nearby watching me quite intently. After many quick squats, Manzi took it on as a challenge and began head bobbing himself, moving his whole body up and down. It was really cute. He kept it up with me for nearly 10 minutes, making a lot of noise along with it.

After "we" finished, he went back to quietly preening himself.

Maui and Manzi are doing really well during the day time. Manzi is still a lot more energetic and gets into a lot more trouble than Maui, but that is not unexpected! They have also adjusted to having my husband in the house in the evenings. Maui will still occasionally fly after him (maybe once every two weeks), but Manzi completely ignores him. Things have changed though. 

We have a new roommate temporarily (for a few months, ending in two weeks). The roommate loves the birds, especially Maui. Usually Maui loves women, but in the evenings, both birds have been worked up. Starting two weeks ago, Manzi has begun flying after the roommate. This gets Maui worked up. Maui used to let the new roommate scratch her while sitting peacefully. Now it is chaos time in the evenings. Because of this, their schedules have changed. Now, both birds are now spending a large portion of the day inside with me. Maui will often want to go outside, but likes to come in for a while to get scratches. Manzi is half and half. If I am too boring inside, he'll want to go outside. 

Our roommate works really late, so the birds stay inside until she gets home, then I either put them outside for another hour, or just put them to bed. It probably doesn't help that she loves to give them treats. That is what prompted Manzi to fly after her to begin with. They know that when she gets home they are going to get treats. They get so worked up about it!!

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