Sunday, March 30, 2014

Manzi finally breaks it down!

I've been wanting Manzi to dance for years. Sometimes he'll move his head a small amount, but finally he put some of his body into it. Maui's great and she'll dance away, so one day when she was dancing with me, Manzi was watching from his perch. When I turned my attention to him, he began to move. We're still a long ways from him being a talented dancer, but I'm happy with these baby steps.

On a side note, Maui's not doing super great. She's been losing weight. I took her to the vet and they think she has some kind of crop or digestive tract infection. I started her on antibiotics. Next week I'll get back the lab test results. She dropped from 490g to 425g while I was away on vacation. She's never been that low. I weigh her at least once per day, but lately have been weighing her more like 3-4 times per day. She is quite happy to step on the scale for me. Now her weight is back up to 450g, but she is still underweight.

She was a trooper at the vet and they absolutely loved her. She was so sweet and begged for scratches from both the vet and her assistant. They took blood, which required restraining. Maui freaked out completely over that, although she didn't go into seizures. Still, as soon as they let her go from taking blood, she went back to ask for more scratches. She doesn't hold a grudge.

I used the new box technique to take her to the vet's office. She was pretty irritated to have to ride in a dark box and spent the entire ride chewing it as fast as possible. The box will not last another trip to the vet, but on the plus side, she didn't have any seizures. I was quite happy to have her irritated with the box rather than freaking out from over stimulation.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Maui playing dead

Maui has been watching Manzi play dead for several months now. I know she is paying attention, so then when I picked her up and gave her the cue, she knew exactly what to do, albeit with some hesitation.

Manzi is to the point where he falls backwards quickly, with some gusto, whereas Maui is pretty tentative. She impressed me with her ability to pick up this trick by merely watching.

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