Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Mummies are scary!!

I bought a paper mummy for Halloween. Little kids were terrified of it on my door. After Halloween, I was considering manzi's bathroom territorial attitude and decided to put the mummy to good use. He is terrified of the mummy as well, although Maui couldn't care less about it. Now he is not attempting to enter the bathroom or even be within 10 feet of it. 

It is difficult not to be amused. My sister suggested I get a Santa for Christmas. That's not a bad idea. 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Maui voluntarily did a flying lap

This evening the birds have been quite active. Manzi running around getting into trouble, flying lots of laps around my apartment. Maui has also been active running around on the cage. At one point, Manzi and Maui were both running around on the cage, when Manzi took off and landed on his perch in the living room. A couple seconds Maui ran to the edge of the cage and took off too, towards the same perch. She almost seemed to have surprised herself because mid flight, she looked like, "Oh no, now where do I land!" Then she turned around and flew back to her cage.

Manzi often gets worked up and flies laps around my living area, but Maui's never done such a lap. The closest she comes to voluntary flight is when she wants to reach something really bad, and gets a bit too close to the edge, then stumbles and flies. It was really nice to see her get so worked up that she just took off! Maybe there is flying hope for her after all other than the nervous flights back to her cage when I send her off my hand.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Maui dancing

I was inspired by that cool video of the cockatoo dancing and tried to get Maui to do something similar. Manzi is a lost cause, but Maui has some hope.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Maui and Hercules causing trouble

Hercules got out again while I was away for the weekend. It was bad cause I wasn't there, but nice cause most of his mess was cleaned up before I came home. I had barricaded his area, but still need stronger reinforcements.

Here is a photo of Maui eating some dinner. She can be such a messy eater. She got food stuck all over her beak. Unlike manzi, she's not so keen on me restraining her and wiping it clean. She eventually took care of it herself.
The birds and Hercules were a big hit for trick or treaters. I'm going to do a better job next year of their costumes. Someone gave me the idea of tying a dead head to Hercules so he is dragging it around. That will look pretty cool. Maybe I'll spray paint the birds with some kind of completely safe paint (or Kool-aid)!

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