Wednesday, November 3, 2010


It seems that Maui knows a thing or two about baseball. She's sung this song twice now (just watch the beginning to hear the six notes in the tune):

I couldn't find the tune anywhere else in a short clip and I sold my piano so I couldn't play it. Anyway, after singing, "da da da dun da daaaaa" she says, "Goal!"
She does not sing this frequently enough for me to even try catching it on camera.

Manzi is doing very well. I still haven't clipped more than 3 feathers on each wing, and he hasn't gone back to much flying. He will fly from his cage to me and back, but that is about it. Now he sits with me most of the day while I am working on my computer. It seems the secret to having a well behaved bird is to take away their main method of transportation. As easy as it makes caring for Manzi, I hate it. He is so much more full of life when he is zipping around my place like a maniac.

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