Saturday, April 30, 2016

Update on Maui

Maui's having her good days and her bad days. She is still having more good days than bad days, so that is positive. On her good days, she can climb around her cage and even go to the bottom and work on shredding her boxes. On her bad days, she just hangs onto her perch all day with her head drooping down. Those days, I bring her water every couple of hours.

She is getting slower and slower climbing around her cage. She now has a pretty pronounced limp in her right leg. She stopped preening her tail and in general doesn't preen much anymore, so her feathers are getting quite ruffled. She's not plucking, but not taking the care that she used to. Despite all that, Maui is maintaining her weight. As long as I bring her food on her bad days, she'll eat just fine. She's a bit thin, but no serious weight loss. Her being thin has been a gradual thing over the last couple years. She is about 20 grams below what she weighed 7 years ago when I first acquired her. So that's not too bad.

Manzi seems to know she's struggling. They used to beak spar nearly every day, but now Manzi leaves her alone and she doesn't antagonize him either. They will still whistle together, but Maui doesn't have the energy to fight with him and Manzi knows it and respects her space.

Maui is my little geriatric Grey. She's still very loving and loves getting her neck and head scratches. She doesn't chase around my husband anymore, but she doesn't have the energy. Now she is just happy to sit on my lap while we're watching a movie and get scratches. She'll enjoy this for as long as I am willing to scratch her.

Manzi is doing really well. He's adjusting to his new space and not getting into too much trouble. I want to buy some new perches so he has more safe places to land around the house. Also, with our little girl getting more mobile, it will be nicer to keep him higher up and out of her reach.

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