Friday, August 19, 2011


I now have a webcam for Manzi and Maui. I can share it with anyone interested. You must first go to and make an account. Then, send me your email (that you logged with the camera site) and I will share the camera with you. I was so scared to leave them on the patio in the big cage during the day, but now I can check on them all day long. They seem to be happy out there as they usually don't want to come back in. The only time both have eagerly stepped up on my hand was when I waited till after sunset and it began getting dark. Otherwise, Maui tries to push my hand away and Manzi runs. I end up grabbing the feet of both to drag them inside.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Not performing

Manzi and Maui have become the attraction of the apartments. I am right above one of the entrances, so while out on the patio, Manzi and Maui whistle at everyone walking by. Oftentimes, I can hear kids or even adults talking to them from the ground (I'm on the second level). Today, two young boys spent a good 45 minutes talking and whistling to the birds. I went out on the patio for a bit and told the boys several phrases that Manzi and Maui can say, in an attempt to get the parrots to talk. Manzi and Maui were determined to whistle and pretend that they have no idea what I am bragging about. I went back inside to resume working. After a long time, the boys left. Within two minutes of them leaving, Manzi and Maui proceeded to go through every phrase that the boys were begging them to say. I couldn't help but laugh. Birds sure can be stubborn sometimes.

They sure are loving the attention they get on the patio. At first, I didn't hear much from them and they would go completely quiet as soon as someone came near. Now, Manzi and Maui whistle loud as soon as they see someone to get their attention. It works and often the person will come over and whistle with them for a while. Now I have two big show offs.

By the way, if you look at the pictures from the previous post, you should see Hercules (the tortoise) on the ground near the cage.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

All settled into new cage.

Manzi and Maui have been enjoying their time in the new cage. Maui has made it her job to remove all bark from the branches. Luckily they are completely safe so she is free to remove away.

I started out by putting them for a few hours at a time in the new cage. They were pretty intimidated at first, but now are climbing around and having fun.

Something scary happened while taking these photos. Maui decided to get Manzi. He was minding his own business, climbing around and watching me, when she climbed down towards him. She reached out towards him faster than he could protect himself and bite his beak/head. He immediately let out a piercing scream that lasted a few seconds. Maui let go and he ran to the other side of the cage and has been staying out of her way every since. I got really scared as I could only see his head in her mouth. They were moving so fast I couldn't tell what was going on. I thought maybe she got his eye or something. Luckily, he just had a small scratch on his cheek. I have seen Maui take out big chunks of skin, so I know she can do a lot more damage. Maybe she was just warning him. By the next day, I couldn't even see the mark on Manzi. He's had much worse damage from getting into fights with his toys.

I thought about not putting them out together, but that would only reinforce them not getting along. They have been outside most of the day today and hopefully will not have anymore scary episodes.

The interesting thing, after looking through the photos I had taken, I noticed I had the photo of Manzi in Maui's mouth. Here is from far away.
This is zoomed in.

Here is the post-bite trauma. Poor thing.

Here are some other photos of them in their cage. The wind blew all the newspapers into a mess. I am going to forget trying to use newspapers and just do the scrub & clean method.

I have a new plan with them. I will keep putting them out in this cage and when the winter comes, bring this inside as their winter cage, while putting their cages away for the winter. Then when summer comes, hopefully I can bring this big cage back outside and only bring out Manzi's cage for their inside cage. Then I can possibly get rid of Maui's cage and they will live happily together (I might be dreaming).

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