Friday, January 15, 2010

Manzi and Drifter

My friend came over with her dog, Drifter. Her dog is a large, 80lb, champion duck hunting, English Laborador Retriever. If you notice in the pictures, he is being held by his collar. This helps prevent teeth marks in Manzi. Luckily, Drifter is one of the best behaved dogs I've seen. I would not trust other dogs to be in this close of proximity to Manzi. Manzi thought he could take on Drifter. He was biting Drifter's fur while on his back and then got distracted with a the brake on my friend's wheel chair.
I like Drifter's look that seems to say, "Do I have to put up with this?"

Also, Manzi has stopped waking me up with the alarm beeps and then the barks, but as soon as he hears me get up, he proceeds with his routine (alarm, whistle calling dogs and then barking). This goes on until I uncover him every morning.

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