Thursday, July 18, 2013

Manzi likes soap

A friend of mine gave me a specialty bar of soap and the other day I finally got around to using it. Manzi kept trying to grab at it, which can become a nuisance. In the past, he has tried biting the dish soap and I let him. Then he shook his head and never tried again. I figured the same thing would happen with the bar of soap. I held it out to him and let him "taste" it. He bit as bit a piece off as possible and for the next few minutes proceeded to eat the entire piece. I was pretty worried once I saw he was eating it and immediately tried to take it out of his beak. He is pretty strong though and wouldn't let me have it. I then put his beak under the water stream to wash it out (I did this gently), but he didn't mind at all. He still kept trying to finish it off.

My plan backfired and now Manzi wants the bar of soap more than ever. Maybe if I coat it in dish soap and then give it to him...

Tomorrow we're getting another dog. This time it will be a large labrador. I'll have him for 5 days. I heard he doesn't go after animals and is pretty elderly and lazy. I will try to get a photo of him with the birds.

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