Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Vacation again

I went away for Christmas weekend. Maui had an egg in her cage when I came back. She's laid two in the past week. She is not following the twice/year laying cycle and this is her third cycle for the year. Maybe me giving up on kicking her out of the cupboard made her think she won and was ready to raise some babies. She's in the cupboard right now tidying up the place. Thanks to her, I have to wash every pot before use. It could be worse.

I realize I haven't taken photos of them in a while. I need to do a photo shoot. My parent's house has a wall with photos of all their grandchildren. Seeing that I have no human children, my mother offered to put up photos of her reptilian grandchildren. I need to think of a good scene. Maybe some snow, presents...

Any ideas?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Together in Harmony

Well, not quite. Maui is used to Hercules and doesn't bother him anymore. Hercules doesn't pay any attention to Maui, but he does tuck in when Manzi comes up to him. Manzi is still very interested in Hercules.

Cage update: The company is sending out two new panels for the cage (the doors were made incorrectly and they rubbed when opened) at no cost to me. They said it is too expensive to ship the old ones back, so I can just keep them. They are really large, so maybe I can figure out something to do with them.

My internet is up and flying so I also bought a camera on ebay. Unfortunately the camera was sent with the wrong charger and instead of getting the correct one, the guy wants me to send it back (foregoing the risk of me plugging in the wrong charger and blowing the thing). I have a computer expert on my side though, so I have no concerns. Once I get this sorted, I should have a new camera soon.

I am paying a neighborhood kid to clean the cages. I started with one kid and am on to the second (scheduling conflicts). This one is amazing. She does a very thorough job and works quickly. I may never have to scrub my cages again. It is like all the benefits of owning an animal without any drawbacks. Neighbor kids are great!

Manzi and Maui have been doing better. They haven't had any skirmishes in quite a while. No preening or anything, but no aggression. Maui still bites at Manzi's feet whenever he lands on her cage, but that is normal and Manzi is smart enough to land far away from her and to leave when she gets anywhere close. Manzi has gone to the ground a couple of times and watched Maui. I haven't seen him do that before and was wondering what he is doing. It appears that he is just observing her, maybe trying to figure out what it is that she is doing. Manzi has never really taken an interest in Maui before. He usually either shows aggression or completely ignores her. Anyway, I should be getting the new cage part soon and can then continue the experiment of getting them to like each other (or at least tolerate each other).

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