Tuesday, May 3, 2011


There was a tie for first place, with two people getting perfect scores (I have plenty of feathers to reward both winners). Unfortunately, second and third place contestants are not winners. I can send Madeline a feather though as she appreciates it.
1. Rachael and Deda
2. Steph (you only missed one)
3. Misa

I was going to rank the last four people, but I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. I can only say that Lynette got last place, but I'm sure she still tried her best (you're welcome Lynette:).

To me, the birds are quite easy to tell apart, but that is not the case for everyone. Here are a few tips. Maui has the leg band on her right leg while Manzi's is on the left. Maui has lighter feathers. She also has the eye spots making both her pupils look odd shapes. Maui has much more feathers around her neck and her tail is quite a bit wider. Picture 5 is funny because you can actually see Maui on an egg if you look closely (click on the picture to blow it up) between her foot and her body.

I moved the shower perch to my glass door yesterday. I put both birds on it and they only lasted a few seconds. Maui is quite nervous on it. She is fine in the bathroom, but there is just too much going on outside and she is on too small of a perch. Manzi does just fine, but with both they are not a good combination. Maui's fear are highly contagious to Manzi and he thinks there is something that he should be terrified of as well. Once I take Maui off, Manzi is just fine again and sees it is just the fun outdoors. Hopefully Maui calms down on the perch.

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