Friday, August 9, 2013


So, Rocky was very popular with my friends, but not so much with the birds. Rocky is a 100-lb labrador, who I watched for an extended weekend. I took some photos of when I first brought him to my place. He did go look at the birds, but afterward he paid almost no attention to the birds. His owner told me he had never been around birds, but in general, Rocky has never paid much attention to any other animals, not even other dogs.
At one point, Manzi even jumped on Rocky's back. Rocky was startled, and Manzi flew off immediately. Maui was always standing at the edge of the cage waiting for Rocky to walk by so she could have a chance to reach out and bite him. Maui tried that all day long. Sometimes it was pretty funny because Rocky would walk by and then his tail would catch Maui and twice it knocked her off the edge of the cage to the floor. At that point, she'd run after him. Rocky wouldn't even notice and I didn't want him get any bites so I would call him away from the kitchen.
When Maui got swatted dog, she usually squealed and instead of being scared, it would just fuel her anger and determination towards getting Rocky.

Here is Rocky noticing Maui for the first time:

After a few minutes, he rested his head, but didn't take his eyes off them:

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