Friday, May 1, 2015

Hercules Digging

This past week Hercules has taken to digging. I only have an 8" planter, so he cannot get very far.

I tried getting a video, but as soon as I approached him, he'd stop kicking the dirt up. He's been growing great, really enjoying the west coast sun and warmth.

We had visitors for the past 10 days. Visitors mean the birds are not free to roam the house, so they are a lot more confined, but there is also a lot more chatter among the people, which invariably leads to a lot more chatter among the birds.

The first evening after the visitors were gone, the birds were in the house in the evening and Maui was roaming around. She took to following my husband quite closely for a couple of hours, scurrying as fast as her little legs would go as soon as he got up to go anywhere. It was pretty cute. We're still very unsure of her intentions. She doesn't act aggressive, but she doesn't ask or accept scratches from him either. She seems intent on just staying within a foot or two of him, watching him.

With Spring coming on, Maui has also been shredding her boxes at full force. I keep boxes in her cage because it keeps her entertained, but every day there are piles of shredded cardboard at the bottom of her cage. Manzi is not nearly as interested. He'll glance down at Maui, then maintain a higher perch, playing with his toys, or just preening himself.

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