Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Look who have become friends!!

The birds have had their aviary over a year now. They love it. But just a few days ago, Manzi and Maui started both displaying mating behaviors toward each other. Over the past 10 years, they've tolerated each other, and from a distance enjoyed making noise together, but they've never shown any kind of affection.

I wish I could get a video of it, but when ever I get near, they stop and both turn their attention to me. Now they spend their time in the aviary preening each other, and hanging out. This has blown my mind!! I wonder if it is due to the time they spend together in the aviary during the day? And then the seasonal change bringing on mating behavior.

 Maui is also doing way better health wise than she was a couple years ago. She's back to even flying across the room to her cage, turning around midair, and being the boss of Manzi.

For the last 10 years that they've been together, they couldn't stand this close together without biting at each other's beaks. It makes me happy to see them being so sweet to each other!!

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