Sunday, May 22, 2016

Visit from brother

My brother visited from out of town. He took a couple photos of the birds and wanted me to put them up on the blog.

Here is Manzi:

This is Maui on her food dish. You can see a recently chewed box at the bottom of her cage:

I think both birds are wondering what he is doing. I'm surprised they didn't really fluff up when he was taking photos. I had him and his wife give the birds treats. They are pretty good about doing their tricks for all visitors now.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Crazy Manzi

I was traveling again last week for work. When I got back, I let the birds out and Manzi immediately began flapping like crazy on his cage. Then he proceeded to fly around for the rest of the evening. While I'm away, he is not let out of his cage, so he has a lot of built-up energy. It was a bit of a rough weekend with him. I feel bad for him being locked up while I'm away, but I also get tired of him flying around getting into constant trouble.

I think we need to do a better job at giving him "safe" places where he is allowed to fly and destroy. I will order many more toys tonight and buy an extra play stand for him. Then I can outfit his stands with toys that hopefully peak his interest.

Maui is doing better today. She did enjoy getting her scratches when I got back. She has still been maintaining her weight and she is even standing up since I've been back. While I was away, I video chatted and saw the birds. One day she was a bit hunched, but then perked back up the next day.

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