Friday, October 19, 2012

Hercules is growing

I haven't posted Hercules in a while. I put Maui next to him for a size comparison (and the usual quarter). Maui wasn't so happy about it. She is a lot more wary of Hercules than Manzi. Lately, Manzi and Hercules have been battling it out. Manzi will threaten Hercules, which causes Hercules to tuck his head and front legs into his shell. Still, Hercules keeps his back legs out and pushes himself towards Manzi. Manzi then backs away. Once backed away, Hercules comes out and goes straight towards Manzi again, which leads to Manzi reaching out and causing Hercules to tuck in again.

This usually happens when Manzi drops food. Hercules will make a bee line for the food, as will Manzi. Manzi arrives first and tries to keep Hercules away, but he is becoming more and more passive towards Hercules.

Maui also often stands on Manzi's cage. Manzi will stand near her on his cage as well and they do not bite at each other. They will just puff up when the other is making direct eye contact, but other than that they have been fairly peaceful. Manzi also goes into Maui's cage still, now even when she is in there as well, but they don't hurt each other. Just eat each other's food.

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