Saturday, January 24, 2009

Manzi and Cesar

Here is Manzi looking up at Cesar while he is in the office on the computer. Manzi follows him around the house and will let him pick him up. He still won't step up to Cesar from the top of his cage, but he is getting better.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Yesterday talking to Cesar he told me he was getting a bit overwhelmed with Manzi. The constant cleaning, the noise. It is getting a bit too much for him to handle all alone. Another neighbor offered to take care of Manzi, but Cesar is going to tough it out. Manzi still hasn't warmed up to Cesar. He will let Cesar pick him up if he is on the ground, but he won't step up to him from the cage. Manzi is also still being very flinchy around Cesar. I noticed while video chatting with Cesar (Manzi was sitting on his lap) that Manzi would flinch/spread his wings every time Cesar moved his arms. Hopefully Manzi stops being scared of him and starts being a bit more trusting.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Cesar returned home

My husband returned to the U.S. and got Manzi back. He said Manzi was somewhat happy to see him. At home, Manzi is already stepping up to him although at first Manzi was still a bit afraid from the change (it was a couple hours ago). Manzi was not coming out of his cage and was just hanging out inside even though it was open. But the apartment is rearranged with some furniture gone so it looks quite different so that might have made Manzi a bit more weary of the change. Within a bit, Manzi climbed onto the top of his cage and began to chat as usual. Hopefully I will be back soon and things will be good as ever.

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