Saturday, January 24, 2009

Manzi and Cesar

Here is Manzi looking up at Cesar while he is in the office on the computer. Manzi follows him around the house and will let him pick him up. He still won't step up to Cesar from the top of his cage, but he is getting better.


Jen said...

poor lonely manzi, he will be so happy for you to come home.

Sandra said...

I too feel sorry for Manzi. He is probably wondering what happened to his mommy :-(

On the other hand when I went overseas in December I left Piccolo for 18 days at the kennels and I was told that for the first two days she did not utter a sound and was very nervous of her new surroundings and people but after that she was very noisy, ate everything that was given to her and totally adjusted to her foster home.

Perhaps we worry too much about them :-)

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