Thursday, February 5, 2009


I had to leave Brazil early to fly back to the U.S. I stopped by Los Angeles for a day and a half to visit my parents before flying to my sister's house. Anyways, I had the best surprise waiting for me. My husband, Cesar, drove down to L.A. the night before (from Davis) and brought Manzi with him. He picked me up from the airport when I arrived from Brazil. I thought my mom was going to pick me up so I was happily surprised. At my parent's house, Manzi was waiting for me and was a very happy bird. At first Manzi hopped onto my arm and put his head down for a scratch, but was very quiet. After about an hour Manzi got so noisy and talkative. The rest of the time while I was at my parents Manzi was following me around the house. After four months it was so nice to see him as happy as ever to be with me. I will be back with Manzi (and my husband) at the end of February. I wasn't expecting to see him until then, so it was such a nice surprise. Every time I have to leave Manzi, I worry that he might not be okay without me and that he might not be happy to see me when I get back, but that is never the case. Manzi gets depressed for a while when I leave, but he gets over it and he always seems overjoyed to see me again. The month of February will be a very hard month for me so it was nice to get to see Manzi before hand to reassure me.

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