Sunday, June 4, 2017

Maui is back and ready for summer

Maui had a tough year last year, but she's doing so much better. We bought a kiddie pool for the back yard, and I thought I'd let Maui have a bit of a swim. She was a lot more skeptical than I anticipated (she usually loves her baths). It may take a few tries before she splashes around in it on her own.

Last year I didn't think she would make it out, but slowly over many months, she began to perk up again. Now she's back to holding her ground with Manzi and bossing him around.

I was also afraid to take her outside because she is fragile and easily goes into seizures, but she did just fine. She was happy to play in the backyard and was very interested in all the songbirds. With Spring here, they are singing in full force and that seems to entertain my two.

Manzi is doing well. I've been taking him around more and eventually would like to let him fly around in the backyard. I still need to get him a lot more acquainted with the neighborhood so he doesn't get lost. I do notice the older Manzi gets, the less accepting of strangers he is becoming. He was my social guy, but he's becoming more and more hesitant to go to strangers. I don't know if that is age, or just because our life circumstances are changing, which affects all our interactions.

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