Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Hercules the Terror

Hercules is joining the ranks of the birds, wrecking havoc! He has been back inside only a handful of days yet figured out how to escape. He destroyed two plants and damaged a third. He kicked soil into my carpet, knocked my laptop off its stand, unplugged my router, unrolled a section of wrapping paper and tore it up and chipped away at my drywall (more spackle in order). After seeing the destruction, I found him napping in my closet. He looked so peaceful, all worn out.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Destructive Week

We've been having a bit of a destructive week. Monday Manzi found my iphone unattended while I had a bathroom break. I have an otterbox cover, so that absorbed the damage. Given that Manzi had an entire minute alone with the phone, he did surprisingly little damage (only the rubber cap over the sound control was removed and shredded).

Yesterday Manzi finally realized that the wheat and paper mâché toys in his cage are not ready to eat him alive (he's been terrified of those and hasn't gone to the perch where they are located for 5 weeks!). When I came home from work I saw he had completely destroyed both toys. Even though Manzi was terrified of the toys, Maui could care less about them.

Today he's chewed off the rubber scroll wheel on a mouse and he's chewed up an earring. Previous to this week, he was being very undestructive. Even last weekend he was calm. He sat quietly next to me nearly the entire days of Saturday and Sunday (I was home nearly all weekend). I was almost worried that he was so peaceful, but I did enjoy his calm company.

Maui still hasn't successfully figured out how to climb down the rope to the floor. I put her on the rope several times, but she is afraid of it. After watching me put her on it and making her climb it, Manzi went over and climbed both down, then back up the rope. Like he was demonstrating it to her or something. Manzi can easily fly down too. I take Maui off her cage every day, and about once per week she'll fly to the ground and wander around. Still, she's not as potty trained as Manzi, so when she's running around the ground, she leaves presents on the linoleum.

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