Sunday, May 22, 2016

Visit from brother

My brother visited from out of town. He took a couple photos of the birds and wanted me to put them up on the blog.

Here is Manzi:

This is Maui on her food dish. You can see a recently chewed box at the bottom of her cage:

I think both birds are wondering what he is doing. I'm surprised they didn't really fluff up when he was taking photos. I had him and his wife give the birds treats. They are pretty good about doing their tricks for all visitors now.


Jen said...

I just noticed in the Maui picture, my Grey came with that same cage Maui has, and it's missing a caster. Do you know what brand it is so that I can find a spare part for it? Thanks in advance! It's nice to see pictures of the birds!

Adele Schouten said...

The cage is: A and E Double Macaw Bird Cage

Good luck with finding the spare part. Thanks for taking a look at the blog!

C. Albert said...

I had such a fun time visiting! I am planning on going again. Have the birds affection for each other changed?

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