Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Vacation again

I went away for Christmas weekend. Maui had an egg in her cage when I came back. She's laid two in the past week. She is not following the twice/year laying cycle and this is her third cycle for the year. Maybe me giving up on kicking her out of the cupboard made her think she won and was ready to raise some babies. She's in the cupboard right now tidying up the place. Thanks to her, I have to wash every pot before use. It could be worse.

I realize I haven't taken photos of them in a while. I need to do a photo shoot. My parent's house has a wall with photos of all their grandchildren. Seeing that I have no human children, my mother offered to put up photos of her reptilian grandchildren. I need to think of a good scene. Maybe some snow, presents...

Any ideas?


Stephanie Pulham said...

Maybe a picture of them ripping up presents?

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