Friday, November 1, 2013

Maui and Hercules causing trouble

Hercules got out again while I was away for the weekend. It was bad cause I wasn't there, but nice cause most of his mess was cleaned up before I came home. I had barricaded his area, but still need stronger reinforcements.

Here is a photo of Maui eating some dinner. She can be such a messy eater. She got food stuck all over her beak. Unlike manzi, she's not so keen on me restraining her and wiping it clean. She eventually took care of it herself.
The birds and Hercules were a big hit for trick or treaters. I'm going to do a better job next year of their costumes. Someone gave me the idea of tying a dead head to Hercules so he is dragging it around. That will look pretty cool. Maybe I'll spray paint the birds with some kind of completely safe paint (or Kool-aid)!


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