Sunday, April 26, 2009

Free Flight

Manzi has been doing so well that we've been way ahead of schedule. For the past two days he has been doing free flights outside. I stopped using the harness completely. I use the leg leash to take him to the spot, then I unclip his leg and set him somewhere and call him to me. He is very driven. The first day he was slightly hesitant, but today he wasn't hesitant at all and was very confident. Afterwards, I take him to the tree where he saw the squirrel the other day. He now loves that tree and flies to it, plays around on it for a while and then comes back to me. The free flights he does is very short and about 6 feet in distance. I am starting short and will increase the distance as he continues to do well.

Today we will continue the outdoor flights.


Stephanie Pulham said...

congrats on your free flight bird

Stephanie Pulham said...

this is actually jen, i am at stephs house.

congogrey82 said...

wow thats impressive, she really is doing excellent with flight traing, i will be starting this type of training in a few weeks with my greys, you have inspired me to not clip their wings. thanks.

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