Thursday, April 16, 2009

Flying without seeing

Today he finally flew to me without having a direct line of sight to me. I was in the hall close to my room and Manzi was on his cage. At first he wouldn't fly to me, so I peeked my head out (to show him I was there) and then leaned back and called him. When he took off he had no sight of any part of me. He did this a couple of times.

I was losing hope that he would ever fly to me without seeing me directly. I started by just hiding myself partway around the corner. Then only showing him my hand and head, then finally nothing. This took a couple weeks.

I have also been taking him outside with the leg leash. He doesn't seem to mind it and even likes going outside with it. While outside he has only tried to fly away when something scares him (only about once every three trips we take outside). I have continued doing little recalls where I put him on a tree limb and stand just a couple feet away and call him. He always flies back to me in this situation.

I need to figure out how to send him out flying and call him back. Now, I just put him somewhere outside and call him back. But I need to be able to send him out so he can fly around and then automatically come back when I call. I'll have to think about this one.


parrot cages said...

hey adele, it still amazes me how quickly manzi is making progress, how long do her training sessions last?? i think i am going to start flight training with hades and goku.

Anonymous said...

Training sessions just last from 2-5 minutes. I only do them once a day but if I were more dedicated I could probably do two flight sessions a day. Currently, I do one flight session and one harness session a day.

Jen said...

So you want to be able to send your bird out for an after noon flight by himself and he will just come back?

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