Friday, April 10, 2009


Living in student housing means constantly having construction go on around us. For the past week they have been digging up the drains in front of our patio and replacing them. We don't do any training until after 4pm (when the workers leave for the day). Manzi has been on high stress all week long. Today, there is a big truck for cement pouring. It seems to be putting Manzi over the edge. The big truck is churning the cement about 20 feet from the glass sliding door (which is adjacent to Manzi's cage). Manzi has spent all of his time outside his cage hiding in the kitchen. I finally shut the blinds in front of the door so Manzi can only hear it. After about 30 minutes, he finally calmed down. Today we won't get much light in our place today.

Training has been going extremely well. Manzi can already go through the doorway and then make a sharp turn into the office (which is through another doorway). He is excellent at maneuvering. He still won't come if he doesn't see at least a part of me though. I have to figure out how to get around that. If he is out flying and lands somewhere that he can't see me, he would panic.


Stephanie Pulham said...

Poor Manzi. I can just see him shaking while hiding in the kitchen. Maybe that can be good motivation for flying to you without seeing you.

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