Friday, April 24, 2009

Rubber ducks

Here is Manzi playing with his rubber ducks. He isn't fond of the water and just pulls them out and makes them squeak. Although my sister seems to think the title should be "Death of the Rubber Ducks," he has not destroyed them. He has only bitten off their beaks. This picture is from when they were new. Now they look identical with the outside of their beaks removed. Surprisingly enough, they still squeak just fine.
His flight training has been hitting a bit of a standstill since he now refuses to do it with his harness on. As soon as the wind calms down I am going to take him outside and do his first flight without the harness. That might be tomorrow. We'll see.


Melissa said...

That is a sweet picture, minus the distruction of course. Way too funny. I love that shot. I would love to see a video of him playing with them.

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