Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Flight training continued

Today, although a little windy, I decided to continue with outdoor free flight training. Manzi was getting very distracted at first, then he focused and did his flights. He wasn't flying back to the tree on command though. It was probably because the last time while going back to the tree, he missed the main branch and when he tried to land on smaller ones they collapsed leaving him hanging upside down. So, today he was very hesitant to fly back to the branch. I finally moved my hand to make him fly and he chickened out of landing on the branch and took off. That was my main fear, that he would take off and not know how to get back. I called out to him as he was flying away which caused him to do a turn around. He was pretty high up though and couldn't get down to me fast enough and landed on top of the tree (about 20 feet up). I took out the walnut, just for this situation, and called him. He didn't come right away. After a few minutes I called again and he flew right down to me. I then gave him the walnut and he was happy to let me leg clip him again. This made me feel much better because now I know that he will come back to me even if he flies away at first. I took a video of the entire session, but afterwards realized I had it on the wrong setting. I'll try with the video again next time.


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