Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Doorway plus hall

Now Manzi is flying through the doorway without hesitation. After doing that a few times, I decided to take a step down the hall; so Manzi has to fly through the doorway and then do an immediate turn. He is still not hesitating. My next step will be for him to fly to me when I am completely out of sight. Now he still partially sees me before take off. Another step down the hall and he won't be able to see me at all.
Manzi is amazing me. Before, he would only fly through the doorway when scared and he would usually hit his wings on the sides as flying through (the doorway is narrower than his wingspan). Now he has figured out that he can tuck his wings in as he is going through and he no longer hits his flight feathers against the doorway.
Manzi is also getting so much better with the harness. He would always grumble when I put the harness on him and was constantly chewing at it to get it off. For the past three days I have been putting the harness just around his neck and giving him an almond. The first two days he grumbled as usual, but today he didn't grumble at all and even flew to me as soon as he saw the harness. Hopefully this makes his outdoor flights much easier. It will rain the rest of the week though so we are stuck inside for now.


Jen said...

i thought i would just post a comment so that you know i read this!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks. There is nothing better than a sister interested in another sister's blog about a parrot that she treats like a child.

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