Sunday, March 29, 2009

Goodnight Manzi

Before, Manzi had only told us "Goodnight" after we would cover him. Lately, when it begins to get late Manzi starts saying, "Goodnight" showing that he wants to go to bed. Usually, when he says goodnight, he will go inside his cage and stand on his sleeping perch waiting for us to cover him. I don't know why he started doing that these past two weeks. That makes it easier because before he would mildly protest going to bed and would want to stay up as long as we are awake.

Here is Manzi doing his flight/recall training yesterday. He did about 6 flights. I stopped him before he got too bored. I am very pleased with the progress. It might have helped that today I found our pine nuts which is one of his favorite treats.


Jen said...

I wish kids were that easy!

Stephanie Pulham said...

Nice flight training. I wish Ali would go to bed by herself and just tell me goodnight. That would be awesome.

Misa said...

You've trained him so well

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