Saturday, January 1, 2011

Busy, busy, busy

Before we left Davis, the birds were in small cages in an empty living room. Manzi is out roaming around while Maui is hanging out inside. Here is a picture of their tiny travel cages (they are the largest ones that would still fit in my car, and a tight fit is was).

Here they are stuffed into my Prius, where they stayed with me and my brother Jason for nearly four days. Manzi stayed behind me.
While Maui stayed behind my brother.

They were so happy to be done with the car ride and temporary housing. They are very happy to be settled in. I am still working on teaching them not to stand on the carpet, but they are learning quickly. I abandoned Manzi's play stand in CA, and am looking for a new one. I retrained Manzi to go to the bathroom on his cage, but that is way messier than on the newspapers on his play stand.

My brother Albert arrived here for the holidays. He is staying just under two weeks. It turns out that my brother is not Manzi's favorite (or second favorite) person in the world. While I was at work, he decided to let Manzi out of his cage. He gave Manzi a walnut and then he began to sweep. Manzi ate a bit, but was then distracted by his sweeping. My brother thought Manzi was done with his walnut and picked it up. Manzi, upset by this, launched an attack on his bare feet. Here is the foot injury he sustained:

After I arrived home, my brother decided to pick up Manzi with his hand. I warned against it, but he said he wasn't scared. Now, he is scared:

Finally, I was able to get shots of Manzi's new technique. He hides under his cage and then waits to ambush my brother. Here is my brother taking a look at Manzi. Manzi is just beginning a charge. A few seconds later my brother was standing on the chair that you see in the back ground.

Lastly, this Christmas was wonderful and for the first time, I bought my very own Christmas tree.


Amanda Horan said...

My grey is the same! she hides under the table. All I can say is god help you if you have stripy socks on!

Michael, Kili, Truman said...

That's what you get for messing with the Manzi!

Stephanie Pulham said...

HAHA poor Albert. Pretty funny the ambush, well probably not funny to him and his foot.

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