Thursday, January 13, 2011

World of Numbers

Being that I live in a world of numbers I found this comic incredibly amusing:

Yesterday something pretty amazing happened. A neighbor stopped by with his wife. They wanted to see my birds. The guy walked right up to Manzi and picked him up. Then he tried to pet Manzi's head. I nearly panicked as I don't want a bitten, bloody finger on my hands. The neighbor told me not to worry. Sure enough, Manzi did not bite him. He did grab his finger and tried to push him away. The neighbor still insisted and even touched Manzi's wings out of curiosity. The entire time Manzi would just try and push his hand away, or even put his head down allowing himself to get scratched. When the neighbor was finished (after about 10 minutes) he tried to put Manzi back on his cage. Usually at this point Manzi will jump off very quickly. Instead, Manzi held on tight not wanting to go back to his cage, preferring to be held by the stranger. I was amazed that Manzi took so well to this guy. Manzi is getting better and better with people. Maui does not bite me, but she has bitten others very hard. I also do not know her as well as Manzi. So, even though Manzi tends to be worse behaved, I do trust him a lot more with others as I can tell if he is going to bite or not. I was worried at first with this neighbor, but then I realized that they were both okay. He had absolutely no fear of Manzi. Manzi was a bit nervous at first, but then enjoyed the attention. I feel so good after my baby is friendly and doesn't act in a way that could incite a lawsuit.


Jen said...

that is great that Manzi is getting better with strangers! And your neighbors coming over? I never heard about that. And how did you post this 2 hours ago, aren't you at work?

Michael, Kili, Truman said...

That is so true. A bit of confidence goes a long way with a (mostly tame but bitey) parrot. My parrot really just bites people that are afraid of her and naturally they become more afraid. But people who aren't worried usually get away with stuff I'm sure they'd deserve a bite for. Little children are a great example. They have no idea that the parrot might bite and grab its tail, touch its wings, etc and get away with it because they do it fearlessly.

Stephanie Pulham said...

Haha tell that to Albert's foot

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