Friday, January 7, 2011


Manzi is telling me that he is neglected. He cannot gain any lift in flying, but he can jump and get quite far, so he still "flies" all the time. Either way, he often comes up to me and looks up at me wanted to get picked up. I usually pick him up. This morning, I was making my lunch for the day and Manzi was looking up at me with puppy dog eyes begging to be picked up. I no longer allow him on my shoulder and I was using my hands, so I just ignored him. After about 4 minutes of this, the little rascal jumped at my bare feet and bit my toe quite hard, then he ran/flapped to his cage. It was like he got fed up of being ignored and thought to himself, "I'll teach her." Anyway, he didn't make me bleed or anything, but it hurt and he did have bad intentions. As such, I need to make sure that either give him attention, or stop him from begging. It was like I was unintentionally teasing him or something. Manzi struggled with my brother around and really did not like him. Hopefully this is just some residual anger and he will calm down soon enough.
I really need to figure out a play stand soon so he can hang out with me in the living room. Maybe I can just put newspapers under his flight stand and use that. It will get messy, but I clean an awful lot. I was thinking of putting both Grey's on the flight stand and just put something in between each time one tries to go after the other. Then they will learn that they have to deal with each other (or they will just continually try to threaten each other). That is just an idea.


Michael, Kili, Truman said...

Serves you right for clipping that poor little bird!

Jen said...

your birds are just like kids, they are going to get your attention whether is is good or bad. And if you ignore them, they will reak-havoc.

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