Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Maui punking Manzi

Maui has done a couple of things to punk Manzi lately. Here is the first situation:
Manzi has been doing a very high pitch screech. I finally got fed up with him one day and scolded him right after a scream and flicked some water on him (my hands were wet from washing dishes). Manzi got very quiet for a moment and then screamed again. I repeated scolding him again and flicking some more water at him. Manzi got quiet again and this time instead of turning around to keep washing the dishes, I watched him. A second later I heard Maui do the same scream. It was as if she was thinking to herself, "So that noise brings about punishment to Manzi, hahaha! I can do that." As an ending note, I do not agree with getting mad and punishing Manzi in such a way and realize that this was a lapse in judgement and in patience.

Yesterday Manzi was running around getting into so much trouble. I finally stuck him back in his cage for a rest. Maui proceeded to stand on top of her cage and got within an inch on Manzi's cage. He got close to her from inside his cage and would fluff up at her, but she didn't get intimidated. She knew he could not come out and go after her so she just stayed there whistling away.

Maui gets in moods where she can be pretty feisty towards Manzi and has little patience with him. Besides that, they haven't had any scuffles lately. Manzi has continued on the path to cuteness with others and has not even threatened anyone lately. He is now enjoying the attention and scratches of others. I am almost ready to let my guard down, but I really don't want anyone to get a chunk taken out of their hands.


Michael, Kili, Truman said...

That's tough love for ya

Stephanie Pulham said...

Pretty funny, you should teach Maui how to stick out her tongue at Manzi

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