Monday, December 13, 2010

Scared together

There is no uniting force quite like a good scare. We endured a terrible snow storm this past weekend. The birds were happy that I was home and they were able to stay out all day long on Saturday and Sunday. They were both minding their own business on top of their cages when a snow blower went by to clear the sidewalks. It scared both Manzi and Maui. Maui took off, circled around and landed on Manzi's cage about 6 inches from him. The only other time she touched his cage he went beserk and tried to attack her. This time, both were scared and paying attention to the snow blower that they forgot how close they were to each other. Within a minute I took Maui off Manzi's cage and put her back on her own. It was nice to see them getting better and better with each other.
Yesterday they were both running around on the ground together and didn't threaten each other. Previously, Maui was always running around on the ground while Manzi stayed above ground flying from one chair to another, occasionally stopping on the heater, refridgerator, his cage, Maui's cage, his playstand or anything else that looked like it had potential for troublemaking. Manzi is getting better at flying, but still goes down more than anything. Due to that, he is also running around on the ground. I was worried as that could create conflicts, but they don't threaten each other and give each other a 6 inch safety zone.


Michael, Kili, Truman said...

The new, unfamiliar, neutral territory resultant of the move might actually solve some of the territorial problems you initially had and they may end up evening out the relations. Now where are those pictures?

Mark said...

Hello Adele, I am glad I finally realized to look up your blog and YouTube videos as you had commented! I had sent you the responses back to your 3 questions something like two weeks ago, but had never heard back from you other than the suggestion to chat which I wholeheartedly agree to but had no other way to contact you!? Maybe there was a problem with the system go or you never saw my responses to those last three questions. Mark

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