Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Finally settled in (well, kinda)

Manzi and Maui are back in the original cages. They were so excited to see the movers bring them in. Too bad they are so comfortable in my place as they are running around the ground like crazy. Manzi has many feathers clipped, but he jumps with all his might and flaps like crazy and can still make pretty good distance, although he drops at a 45 degree angle once he starts going down. The bird's cages are over linoleum, so I won't have to worry about them making a mess, except that they are so intrigued by the carpet and keep wanting to run onto it. I need a new play stand to set up so that they can go to that and stay off the carpet. Manzi wants to stay near me, so I have taken to working in the kitchen on my laptop with him sitting on the arm of the chair begging for scratches whenever my hand gets too close. Maui on the other hand is scoping out the place already trying to find a good nesting site. Currently, she thinks that the cabinet by the stove is a good option, but I am doing my best to shoo her away from there. I think I will just give her a box for a week or so, so that she leaves the cabinets alone.

I feel bad that I work 8 hours/day and leave them locked up during that time. I let them out for 45 minutes in the morning when I am getting ready (although it would only take 20 minutes if they weren't out as I chase them around, etc.) and then from 5-10pm in the evening before going to bed. Still that nothing compared to when they were in Davis and were out from 7am till 10pm.

New adventures are always filled with new challenges. I will post pictures probably later today.


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