Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Beginning to fly again

Manzi is not doing indoor flight recall very well. One problem is that he still doesn't accept treats while inside. He will sometimes fly to me, but only because he wants to see what I am doing. When I offer him a treat he throws it aside.

When I took Manzi outside, he played in his tree like normal. But, instead of asking him to just climb back down to get treats, I made him do a little hop to me. At first, he was very hesitant, but by the end he did a few hops to me from the tree and then back again. I am going to keep working at this. I also put him on the ground a couple of times and asked him to fly to me. He was very driven for his treats while outside. He wasn't at first, but now he sees that he can keep playing on the tree so he is very happy to come down, grab a treat and then keep playing.

I don't know why he is willing to take the treats outside, but not inside.


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