Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pink feather

Manzi grew in a pink/white feather with his last molt. It is kinda hard to see (let alone take a picture of) so I am trying to move his other feathers out of the way with one hand while I'm taking his picture with the other hand.

An update on flight training: I have been taking Manzi out while I read in the evenings. Yesterday, he decided to walk around on the roof of the apartment. He was also able to fly from the roof almost straight down to the ground to go after some abandoned kid's toys. He also did a very fast flight dodging trees. He went out of sight a couple of times and then landed in a tree out of sight. I decided to wait a couple of minutes rather than chase after him and sure enough within just one minute he flew back to the tree right above where I read.


Jen said...

look at you torturing poor manzi!! do you think you could be grabbing him a little harder?

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