Sunday, July 19, 2009

Continued Success

I have been taking Manzi out the past couple of days for flight training. Yesterday, he flew into a tree so I sat nearby reading a book. He came to me and back to the tree a few times, but not right when I called. He didn't panic though and he enjoyed flying around in the trees.

Today was much better. He flew to me almost immediately from the trees, although I didn't give him the cue. I sent him back to the tree and then I gave him the cue and he came back to me. He did about five flights when I gave him the cue. Finally, on the last one he landed on a branch that broke. He did a few big circles and landed 50 feet up a tree. It took him about 15 minutes before he flew down, but he did fly down without much problem. Manzi is getting more and more confident outside.


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