Monday, July 6, 2009

Another overnight scare

Manzi spent the night in the trees again on July 3rd. He was outside playing in his tree when a branch broke. He flew in a circle right when a juvenile hawk was flying over him and decided to check him out. Manzi took off. That day Manzi tried about 12 times to fly back to me, but due to his poor flight skills he kept missing. It wasn't until the next morning that after trying another 5 times he finally made the landing on my arm.

After talking to quite a bit of people, it seems that Manzi needs to improve his flight skills. He wanted to come back to me, he just didn't know how. So, yesterday we did short outdoor flights (10 feet). I am going to stick with this distance for a while and slowly build up instead of pushing him so fast like last time. This morning we did indoor recall and he did excellent. Hopefully, we can keep this up!


hunny bunny said...

Oh no. Is he getting used to the over nights away from home? Poor little Manzi.

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