Monday, June 29, 2009

The attack of the killer squirrel

The last post about squirrels had both Manzi and the squirrel being curiously interested in each other. I generalized and thought all squirrels would be the same. Yesterday, two squirrels were quarreling and one ran over to the tree in which Manzi was playing. As soon as it saw Manzi, it bolted over to him about ready to pounce on him. Manzi, thinking he is tough stuff, ran towards the squirrel ready to take him on. I quickly ran over and chased the squirrel off. They were within a foot of each other!

The irritated squirrel went to a branch above Manzi and tried to jump down on him. I got some sticks and threw them towards her (don't worry, with my aim nothing is in danger of actually getting hit by me) and finally scared her away (the squirrel was in fact a female). Then I sat down on a nearby bench to continue watching Manzi. The irritated squirrel climbed up a tree and sat right above me and began eating on the tree dropping seeds and other stuff on me. I relented and moved to another spot. She was quite the feisty squirrel!


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