Thursday, October 30, 2008

Adele? Adele?

I think Manzi is officially starting to miss Adele. Why do I think this? For the past three days or so- every morning as I'm brushing my teeth and he hears that I'm awake, I hear Manzi calling from his cage, "Adele, Adele."
He must feel disappointed when he sees me instead of her!


Anonymous said...

Oh poor Manzi. Poor little thing is probably wondering what happened to his favorite person.

Sandra (Piccolo's mom)

English family said...

that is very sad. It is the same for me, days go by and i don't get any phone calls...Adele, Adele. Where are you Adele.

Adele said...

I miss Manzi so much. I hope he will like me when I get back. For now, it would be best if he gave up on my ever coming back so he will be more friendly to your family. Also, has he been learning any new phrases?

Stephanie Pulham said...

Such a sad story, I feel for him too. Where are you Adele? Will you ever come back?

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