Friday, October 17, 2008

Cleaning Cages

I decided to clean the Azul's and Manzi's cages today- scrub their droppings off their cages, etc. I knew that Manzi wouldn't be to happy with me poking around his safe place. I tried to be nice by giving him a treat and opening the top of his cage before I started the cleaning process. I was hoping that he would be distracted with his treat and just ignore what I was doing. No such luck! As soon as he saw the sponge that I was using to clean his cage with- he was too curious to even eat his treat! I couldn't believe it. The whole time he was poofing and trying to get at the sponge. Since he was not interested in his treat, I brought out the water bottle hoping that the threat of being sprayed with water would make him stop trying to get the sponge. No such luck it made things worse. He started saying, "Watch it Man" over and over again. Finally I gave up and decided that cleaning half of his cage was good enough.
Then I started to clean Azul's cage and had it open while I was scrubbing the bottom- she immediatly took advantage of the cage being open and flew onto Manzi's cage. We don't let Azul climb on Manzi's cage anymore. Manzi no longer has any tolerance for Azul. He immediatly tried to bite her through the bars. Luckily I was close enought to pull Azul off of Manzi's cage.
On another note, Manzi got to see Cesar on Thursday. He hasn't seen Adele or Cesar for over a month now. I really thought that Manzi would be happy to see Cesar. I was wrong. He just poofed and only let his head get scratched. I guess he's not that lonly yet!


Adele said...

That is funny that Manzi was trying to bite the sponge. Whenever I cleaned his cage, I would leave him on his play stand because he is very curious and will follow me trying to bite/chew the rag/sponge that I am using. Cesar actually thought that Manzi was happy to see him because Manzi usually won´t even let him scratch his head. Also, I am surprized that Azul still tries to go after Manzi. You´d think she would learn her lesson.

Stephanie Pulham said...

I think Azul has a death wish. Also funny that Manzi only let Cesar scratch his head. I bet he is still thinking, Adele will come so I will just hold out til she gets here.

samuel said...

thats really funny i like how you say no such luck!

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