Sunday, October 5, 2008

Getting Better

I found out that James (Aida´s husband) has taken over the feeding duties to get Manzi to behave better around him. James told me that when Manzi threatens him (by puffing up, etc.) while he is feeding him, then he just doesn´t give Manzi his food right away. It has been working great because now Manzi sees James as a good thing and realizes that his threatening gestures don´t get him what he wants. I also heard that Manzi is being much better around their son. Manzi still continues to be let out, but he needs constant supervision while out because he still gets into trouble (biting the blinds, etc.).

By the way, here in Brazil I saw a flock of Amazons the other day. I wish I had my camera (it is coming in 12 days). The Amazons were so loud and they were very playful; tumbling and hanging upside-down from branches. I will post pictures when possible.


Pao said...

Hi adela:
I found your blog! well Manzi's blog.Let me tell you that he's very polite with us , when we go to visit Aida he always say Hello.
How is Brazil?

Adele said...

Hi Paola. Brazil is treating me well. I am glad to hear that Manzi behaves when you visit. I am adding your blog to my list of blog friends. Thanks for visiting Manzi´s blog!

Anonymous said...

Hi Adele
Im so glad that little Manzi is adjusting well to his temporary home while you away in Brazil. They obviously adjust well to change.

Sandra (Piccolo's mom)

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