Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I've hit the Jackpot

So the past two days because of the elections race (especially Proposition 8 in Ca) and other stuff, I've been watching kids for various friends. ALL the kids that came over LOVED Manzi. They ALL wanted to feed him a treat and hear him talk. Manzi seemed to be loving the attention and was not acting aggressive or overwhelmed with all the children- so I let them feed him his favorite treat. Almonds! Thus, in the last 48 hours I think Manzi has had about 20 almonds! (Keep in mind I only give him two a day at the most.) I think that Manzi caught on really quick that having kids come to visit is a really good thing. He even opened up and started saying "hello." The kids thought that was the best!

Some of Manzi's visitors.

Kids trying to get Manzi to say hello.
(The boy in the black shirt stood in front of Manzi's cage for almost an hour trying to get Manzi to keep saying hello.)

Gabriel loves to give Manzi treats.

Manzi taking a treat from one of the little visitors.
(BTW- that's dye not blood on her hands.)

Manzi enjoying his favorite treat.


Jen said...

I'm galc to here manzi is dealing better with kids. hopefully he wounld have the desire to peck out my childrens face any more.

Stephanie Pulham said...

That is really cute that he liked the kids. I wonder if he thinks that kids will always give him almonds now.

Anonymous said...

Its great that Manzi loves the kids and that they can feed him treats. Maybe this is the way forward - loads of kiddies to visit Manzi and keep him entertained until Adele comes back home. Too cute.

Sandra (Piccolo's mom)

The Packards said...

Hi Adele! I'm Aida's friend and I just met Manzi and I absolutely love him! He is so cute and I am thoroughly thrilled at meeting an African Grey (my first). Best wishes in Brazil!

Adele said...

The Packards: I am glad you liked Manzi. Usually people don't get to see parrots every day, so it must be pretty cool. Did you get to hear him talk? Also, thanks for checking out Manzi's blog.

I am glad that Aida is having the kids give Manzi treats. Usually kids would stress Manzi out and he would hide in his cage if kids were around so hopefully now he will see kids as a good thing.

The Packards said...

Manzi talked a little bit--he was quiet (maybe curious) when Aida and I were right next to his cage, but when we left to check on our boys in the bedroom he started calling for Gabriel and making all sorts of different whistles. He said some other things, but I couldn't make out what it was because the kids were being a bit loud. Anyway, I love hearing him talk and it makes me miss the Quaker I had in my youth. I love the blog!

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