Sunday, November 15, 2009

The retrieve

It was too windy to fly Manzi yesterday, but I have been working on teaching him to retrieve. This is commonly done by having them drop an object into a metal dish so it makes an audible noise. Then, they will figure out that they have to drop it in the dish to get the treat and you can start moving the dish further away from them so they have to walk/fly with the object.

Today Manzi figured out that he needs to drop the penny in the dish to get the treat. I was really excited. I began to put the dish further away so Manzi had to walk to drop it in and he got it, especially since this was only the third training session. I will work with him later today again.

It is not windy so I might fly him too. There is a place that is 1 mile from any trees or roads so I am going to try that. It will require walking though.


Stephanie Pulham said...

Maybe you can make some money by trying to get him to money that you DON'T give him into the bowl.

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