Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Peregrine Falcon!!

Manzi was out flying today when he had a big scare. A peregrine falcon came after him. This isn't a picture of the actual falcon (note the jesses), just one that looked the same. My neighbor was out and saw it from a different angle, so here is the story pieced together. The falcon came and landed in a tree nearby. Manzi was flying right past the tree when the falcon took off after him. Manzi did a large circle and then a very tight circle and dive (he added a deep scream to the dive). The falcon grabbed one of his wings, but just got the feathers. Manzi then did an emergency landing into a tree and the falcon landed in a nearby tree. I was very surprised because I didn't even see the falcon to begin with. I went and called Manzi down and he came but was definitely a bit shook up. Since the falcon didn't leave the area I took Manzi inside and now he is happily eating, but still full of energy.

The peregrine falcon was about double the size of Manzi and had a much larger wingspan. I got quite scared. I thought that falcons will go after Manzi by diving, not by ambushing him from a tree and chasing him.


Stephanie Pulham said...


Jen said...

I'm glad Manzi is safe

Rachael Awad said...

I am so happy Manzi is ok. That is scary.

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