Friday, September 4, 2009

Whistle Recall

Manzi has been spiraling downhill with recalls. He has been wandering around on patios, chewing on neighbor's belongings and not coming back to me on command. I gave him a manditory furlough from flying for the past two days. I left him indoors, much to his dismay, and just did indoor recalls. I also reinforced the whistle recall. I did that by giving him a very high value treat when he came to me after I blew the whistle. He did he recalls perfectly indoors with no hesitation.

Today, we went back outdoors and Manzi did much better. He did five recalls while he was out and flew to me every time I blew the whistle without missing once. It started getting too windy and Manzi was having a bit of trouble flying with the wind being so choppy. He still did all his recalls and is now inside being well behaved after all the exercise he got today. I have been using pieces of grapes as the reward. That is currently his favorite.


Jen said...

yeah for Manzi not chewing on any mores neighbors belongings, or landing in their patios!

Stephanie Pulham said...

Go Manzi! I am so glad he is getting better, maybe now he won't get stolen by someone.

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